Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Nightcrawler's Life

The last X-Man to stay dead was John Proudstar.

in the mid 1970s.
Oh, and I guess Banshee's still dead - for now.

But I still think they'll both be back soon enough.


Tom said...

I have not read an X-Men comic in many, many years, not since right before that Inferno crap. That being said, Nightcrawler was my favorite X-Man after Wolverine...And then he became my favorite X-Man when Wolverine became an over-saturated money making machine.

Anyway, with all this Heroic Age stuff I fail to see why Nightcrawler had to be the one to die. I know it is likely he will be coming back some time (likely the X-Men will invade Hell, fight Mephisto or maybe get into a Mephisto/Belasco war), but I think it would have been a smarter move to take full advantage of the elf's swashbuckling nature. :/

But hey, I stopped being the target demographic years ago, not like Quesada cares what I think.

Phil Watts, Jr. said...

Ehh...he'll be back.

Nightcrawler is too beloved a character to stay dead for long. It might be a few years, though. By then, no one will remember how he died, no one will remember the story he died in, no one will remember who killed him, or the girl he died to save.