Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why the Superman Movie might not suck

  • OK, so there's been some talk about the upcoming Nolan produced and now Zack Snyder-directing Superman movie. While there's been some strong negative reactions on the internets, here are somethings to consider:

    Zack Snyder being involved all but guarantees that Superman will punch something. That is a good thing.
    It is a GOOD thing that so far, everyone involved isn't a die-hard Superman fan. Consider the results of die-hard fanboyism from say, Jeph Loeb, Bryan Singer, and of course, Kevin Smith. The ability to look at things critically may not be a bad one.
    Seriously, is there anyone other than Nolan that could or should be trusted with a Superman film franchise? It wasn't going to be Jon Faverau or Joss Whedon - they are on Marvel projects.
    The more I think about, the more I think it's a good thing that Smallville and Superman Returns existed. No matter what your opinion of them, they served some useful purpose in providing useful guideposts. Superman Returns clearly illustrated the weaknesses in wallowing in the nostalgia of the Donner/Reeve films, and Smallville has helped to narrow down what aspects of the Superman mythos work with modern audiences (and some that won't).

    Now, this isn't all good news and lord knows there's a really good chance this'll tank, but I'm not prepared to bring the hammer down before I hear more than vague rumors.

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I made the "Duty calls" my new desktop. At least for a week or two, until I need to find something to match my November project.