Monday, February 18, 2008

A Typical Week in the Life of...NAMOR THE SUBMARINER!

With of course, a few tangentially related Posters!

Monday: Invade Surface world, shouting “Imperius Rex!” at the top of my lungs

Tuesday: Change my mind about invading when convinced by a human female (most likely Susan Storm Richards). Betrayed by an unstable power-hungry warlord (Note to self; institute some quality controls in military command structure so I stop promoting these guys) and exiled to the surface world.

Wednesday: Join a superteam that isn’t pissed at me for invading the surface world. Flirt with Susan Richards. Attempt to Join the U.N.

Thursday: Get booted off team for being arrogant/flirting with Sue (No one wants a guy on their team who can get their ass handed to them by Reed Richards) and fail to join the U.N.

Friday: Return to Atlantis, find out that they are about to be enslaved/slaughtered by a warlord who betrayed me

Saturday: Defeat Warlord, reclaim throne

Sunday: Rest, Play with Dolphins, beat up sea monsters, get married to an Atlantean only to have her die for no good reason. Swear vengeance on the Surface world

Huh...ain't that funny? We're right back where we started! Go figure.

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