Friday, June 18, 2010

Beta Ray Stu?

Boy, if you thought yesterday was uncomfortable, that's nothing.

Disclaimer - I still haven't read the Walt Simonson Thor Saga yet (I know, I'm a bad comic fan), but I do want to ask something about Bill here.

His backstory is basically that he's an alien cyborg who is so badass that he beats Thor, and then he can use his hammer. And everyone else in Asgard thinks he's so awesome that he becomes Thor's friend and ally and Odin makes him a hammer of his own and Bill gets to date Sif and....

I'm just saying, if it were anyone else but Walt Simonson, wouldn't this backstory make him sort of a Mary Sue Character out of bad fanfic?

Just wondering.

(Please don't kill me)

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Bill got to have some jollies with Sif says how awesome he really is. Imagine how Thor felt being made less of a man like that! First his hammer...then his woman. Double BAM!!!