Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Slog

Yeah, sorry, this is usually the time of year when my blogging frequency drops dramatically (usually to "not at all") and I'm not sure this year will be any different. It's not just because hey, it's summer and there's like, warm weather and the lake is just a short drive away, though that's part of it. The other thing is that right now, I don't find there's much I want to talk about, to be honest.

I mean, sure, I could talk about how "Three", the upcoming Fantastic Four Story arc by Hickman et. al sounds an awful lot like the "Reed Dies" storyline that dragged on for two goddamn years during the DeFalco/Ryan FF era (see above). Or I could talk about how much I'm dreading the heavy-handed social commentary coming up in the JMS Superman arc, but that's pretty well covered just by this post alone. In general, I'm finding Big Two comics to be bland to outright distasteful, what with all the child-killing, cannibalism and human sacrificing going on.

I'm at a loss here - so any ideas would be a boon.

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Phil Watts, Jr. said...

Defalco's godawful run in Fantastic 4. There was so much foolishness in that run that you could write a book on all the FAIL in it...not to mention most of his Thor run (and Thunderstrike). A lot of people loved to rip on Jim Lee & Liefeld's HEROES REBORN for ruining the Fantastic 4, all the while completley forgeting that Defalco already turned the book to shit long before they got there.

...then Defalco came back with SPIDERGIRL, and all was forgiven!

I just read that part of Superman 700, and I almost expect Cat Grant to get in Superman's face and tell him that he doesn't know what it's like to be an American because he doesn't know what Facebook or Hannah Montana is. Someone needs to tell JMS that Superman already went through several "he can't save them all" stories throughout his history and people are pretty much sick of it. Not a good start, JMS.

As for the human sacrifice arc in Spidey...

1)I thought this OMD/BND crap was supposed to make the Spidey books more FUN!

2) At least there was SOMETHING about the Byrne/Mackie run that Joe Q doesn't like. If they would've treated everything about the Byrne/Mackie fiasco in the same manner that they treated Mattie Franklin the past 10 years (first making her a druggy in ALIAS, then sacrificing her in the recent ASM), there wouldn't be a OMD/BND to begin with!

Add to this all the wrong people in comics getting huge promotions left and right (the most recent being Jeph Loeb)...both Marvel & DC can kick rocks.