Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Might as well say this now

With tomorrow being Canada Day and all, now's a good a time as any to talk about this.

So, Alpha Flight.

Yeah, it's not really good. And there's reasons for that. The biggest ones being that John Byrne never really invested them with any personality to begin with, and then just about every subsequent writer just treated them as TEAM GENERIC. Sort of the no-name grocery-store brand of superteam that you intentionally gloss over, because hey, the name stuff is on the shelf just a ways over and it's not that much more expensive.

So, yeah, that's Canada's superteam, and it could use some retooling.

So, here's the basics:

1) Maybe get a Canadian to write it again? Or at least, someone who's been to Canada and actually knows things about us? Like culture, or politics? Because there are some.
2) Remember in Busiek's Avengers run, during the Kang War? How the Master had all that supercool technology he brought to the game that the Avengers ended up using? And how most of that is in the far north of Canada? That might be something to look at.
3) Take chances.

Sorry, that's the best I got.

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