Friday, June 11, 2010


So, how are you finding "The Heroic Age" and "Brightest Day" so far? Is there even a noticable change? Thoughts?


AlephZ said...

There's a lot of people talking about how different everything feels and how they were bad but aren't now.

So instead of talking about how being heroic was dumb/lame/useless, they talk about how great it would be if they were.

And then people still get murdered messy.


Rebekah said...

I haven't been following "Brightest Day," so I have no opinion on it ... but "Heroic Age" mostly seems to be Marvel's way of hitting the reset button and quietly going back to more or less normal. Most of my favorite comics are still my favorite comics, and a couple of the new ones are nice--I liked the premiere of "Young Allies," but then I've gotten to like Nomad and Arana in the backup features of "Captain America," so that was kind of a gimme.

If it means they'll stop rejiggering their universe every couple of months, I'm all for it. It has been insanely difficult to get my civilian friends to read comics when they have to constantly relearn everything.

Todomachi said...

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