Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Recommedations - Yours and Mine

Mishmash of things today, so I hope you enjoy;

-I normally don't recommend webcomics, because everyone has their tastes and it's such a broad field, but I'm still confident in recommending to you Jens Altmann's Made of Fail which is a nice look at the absurdities of modern life.

-I think I'm going to be travelling sometime this summer, possibly even to cities that still have comic shops, so if you have any recommendations for things that you can't get through Amazon, I'd love to hear them - particularly for more obscure, off-the-beaten path items.

-I'm having mixed feelings about this new "Marvel Adventures" style Infinity Gauntlet saga series by Atomic Robo co-creator Brian Clevinger. On one hand, I'm trying more and more to drift away from traditional corporate comics, but on the other hand, I do believe in supporting creators I like, and I get that Clevinger would like more high-paying work because it would help support getting more Robo out there. So I'm torn - your thoughts?

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