Friday, December 03, 2010

Pick the Best Caption

Oh Claremont, what would comics be without you?

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Phil Watts, Jr. said...

Ah, of the end results of Marvel's first attempt at throwing a marriage under the bus for the sake of "bringing things back to the way they're SUPPOSED TO BE" (the return of the original 5 X-men).

Funny how it never really got back to "The way things are SUPPOSED TO BE", as it resulted in 1) the complete ruination of Cyclops' character (because now you have a DEADBEAT FATHER and a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG for a leader), 2) the manner in which they brought Jean back which resulted in continuity nightmares that have lasted to this day, and 3) the forced heel-turn of Cyclops' then-wifey Maddie Pryor in an attempt to justify it all.

Roughly 3 DECADES LATER, Marvel still hasn't learned a damn thing from all this.

Oh well...At least it gave us Maddie's fabulously slut-tastic 'Goblin Queen' costume!