Friday, December 10, 2010

Pick the Best Caption

Sorry for the light posting the last few weeks. I'm hoping to catch up and put up some longer stuff soon.

Oh, and again...the kid heroes and Mr. Kills-a-Lot there...I know we're supposed to get that Wolverine has a softer side and actually wants to improve, but you know? There actually have to be stories where he does that, and there should be a much more even ratio between those stories and "Wolverine kills a whole bunch of people" stories for that to work. It would also help if at some point Wolverine made a comment about not being that crazy about being on the Avengers just because he'll kill. I mean, that's kind of insulting to him if you think about it.


Phil Watts, Jr. said...

I look back at the past seven or so years of Marvel, and think about just how untrustworthy and how unheroic these so-called 'heroes' are.

I remember this post-Disassembled issue which had both Wolverine and Emma Frost telling the Avengers that they are better off killing Wanda for what she did. I'm are two hypocrites--one who is legendary for throwing violent fits of temper that resulted in massive body-counts, the other a former villainess who slept her way to the top of the X-Men hierarchy. If either of these two would've had Wanda's powers, the outcome would've been a hundred times worse, with even more teammates slaughtered.

After Disassembled, Civil War, and all the other bullshit Meta-Fictional Events that Marvel has subjected us to (some of them which involve heroes acting more like villains than any of the villains they've fought for the past several decades), if I was an average Joe-Schmoe living in the Marvel universe, I wouldn't trust any of these 'heroes' to take out my trash, much less protect me.

That's the kind of Marvel Universe that we have right now. Makes me glad that I haven't given these people a dime in years.

Tom said...

I agree with everything you said, but it has not been all bad. The cosmic stuff has been top notch these past few years, due in large part to most of it taking place off Earth. Although Nova giving Tony Stark the verbal middle finger when he visited home was beyond awesome.

And Agents of Atlas was good stuff as well. And Iron Fist was supposed to be a good read which I am sort of bummed I never got into. Sadly all the stuff I was buying from Marvel has been canceled. I am giving Heroes For Hire a try because Abnett is writing it. The first issue was pretty good and I am interested in seeing where it is going.

On another note, I just found out that Spider Man does not get paid for being an Avenger because he won't give up his secret identity. I guess we learned nothing from the events of Civil War, huh?

Phil Watts, Jr. said...

I'll admit, I haven't checked the cosmic stuff yet, nor Hercules (which looks fun). I'll have to look for them before it's too late.