Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Vacation in Brief

Back from my trip, and a few odds and ends:

-Best place to be when driving on Hwy 17 in pitch darkness? Behind a transport truck (not directly behind, mind you, but just keep a normal distance). The drivers generally know the road, so they'll keep a decent speed, and give plenty of advance warning of what's ahead. Also, if an 18-wheeler hits a deer, moose, or heaven forbid, a freakin' bear, it's got better odds than say, you.
-Collary to the first point: If you feel inclined to drive at 130 kph on that highway on your own in a tiny sedan on a moonless midnight, congratulations: you've nominated yourself for a Darwin Award.
-To my hometown Local Comic shop: If you can't be bothered to keep regular business hours, you cannot have my business. Thank you.

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