Friday, July 25, 2008

A Typical Week in the Life of...Captain America

Monday: Jog through New York, celebrating the wonders of life and liberty in this great country. Answer emergency signal from Avengers Mansion. Go beat up the Masters of Evil.

Tuesday: Stop Red Skull from using a Cosmic Cube. Team up with the Falcon

Wednesday: Mourn Bucky. Beat up HYDRA Agents with Nick Fury. Meet new girlfriend.

Thursday: Break up with girlfriend because she can’t handle the dangerous life I’ve chosen.

Friday” Lose faith in America/American Dream. Wander aimlessly around the country trying to find the strength to overcome my disillusionment.

Saturday: Wait! Another person has taken my name and costume! And they are using for their ultra-violent/racist/Evil agenda! I must take back my reputation before it is forever ruined!

Sunday: Defeat the ultra-violent/Racist/Evil Captain America impostor, reclaiming my shield and costume and taking up the mantle that I will hold for the rest of my life as the DEFENDER OF LIBERTY!

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