Friday, July 11, 2008

Political posters! Come Get!


Phil Watts, Jr said...

I love you to death, but this is where I'm gonna have to disagree. See, I don't buy the whole 'GOOD POLITICIAN/BAD POLITICIAN/DEMOCRAT=GOOD/REPUBLICAN=BAD' bullshit. There's wrong in both sides. None of them really listen to the people.

Over here in Virginia, where I live, we've been a blue-state for a while. To many, that would be a good thing. However, none of these politicians over here could think of a single solution that doesn't involve RAISING TAXES. Just recently, these people were successful in voting in an increasee in the GAS TAX to pay for if we little people aren't paying ENOUGH on gas! When we rose up and told them not to do it, Gov. Kaine's only response was, "Ah COME ON--IT'S ONLY A COUPLE OF CENTS!!" Nevermind the fact that gas has been going up "A COUPLE OF CENTS" every week for the past 6 years, and you see how those "COUPLE OF CENTS" have been adding up!

Because of the rising costs on food and gas, us 'little people' had to make sacrifices and cut our budget on order to pay for the things we need. Unfortunately, these politicians refuse to do the same and would rather put the burden on us instead, while using our tax dollars to vote PAY RAISES for themselves. If these are the people we're suppose to vote for, then they can all go to hell...and that includes Barack "don't turn on your air conditioner without asking the rest of the world for permission" Obama.

With 'good politicians' like this, it's easy to see why these people have even lower approval numbers than BUSH!

MrCynical said...

I don't disagree with anything you've said. It wasn't meant as an attack on Republicans, but more as an attack on smear tactics like these.

That said, Cheney and Bush? I do not like. Period.