Thursday, July 31, 2008


Filling out some earlier requests, for you, the people.

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Phil Watts, Jr. said...

Thanks for fullfilling my request.

I do have another one. Comic book death has become so silly these days. They either kill off score of unused characters just to 'add tension' and 'make death mean something', and yet just as they kill off one character (like the aforementioned idiotic death of Martian Manhunter), they bring another character back from the dead (the long dead Flash, Barry Allen). It's because of stupid crap like this that death is now an annoyance. They did this in Infinite Crisis as well, as they slaughtered a whole mess of Titans (including Superboy Kon-El) and then brought Jason Todd (who we wented to stay dead) back by PUNCHING TIME!!

In light of this, what characters do you want to see DEAD? It could be mercy killings of characters that are damaged beyond repair, or characters that you just flat-out HATE. If you like, you could even use that opportunity to rag on that April Fool's prank, The Sentry, some more!