Monday, July 28, 2008

REQUEST WEEK BEGINS! - What if we lived in a Comic Book Universe? part 21

Sorry for no posts on the weekend, but I had been scanning the San Diego Comicon news feeds trying to find some choice images/stories to mock and posterize. Unfortunately, nothing of relevance seemed to bubble up.

So instead, from now until Friday, I declare this REQUEST WEEK! In which I will be listening to YOUR requests, to know what YOU want to see in new posters and blog topics. What you like, what you don't, and if there are any choice themes and images that are begging for motivational treatment.

So, go forth and comment!


Anonymous said...

More Week in the Life posts would be nice.

MrCynical said...

Any particular characters you'd like to see that done with?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Iron Man comes to mind.

Then there's the lesser known characters, such as Howard the Duck, US1, Milk & Cookies, the cast of Nextwave, and maybe, just maybe some oddball DC characters (the Spectere, Dr. 13, or the Blue Beetle).

Anyone or no one, I'm cool.

Tim said...

I wish there was more green arrow love. Perhaps with the cautious rivalry between himself and batman. Culiminating in the etrigan fight where batman promises never to make fun of GA's trick arrows again.

actually that whole issue has a lot to work with.