Saturday, July 12, 2008

A quick note and clarification

Because I think there's some confusion over yesterday's post:

1) The posters were not meant as an attack on politicians of a specific stripe (except maybe Cheney, whom I personally believe actually goes out of his way to pump up his rep) but rather the propoganda techniques of smearing used by ALL politicians. The NRA mini-comic I found that had these images was just really good fodder for this sort of thing, because really, blaming Gun Control on Katie Couric is just a little bit silly.

2) My own politics - First, a reminder that I'm Canadian, and thus, my interest in American politics is based on our shared culture, shared interests, and a few other items. Second, yes, I tend to be centre-left in most of my politics (by Canadian standards; in American views, I'm to the left of Ted Kennedy, but so be it) but that does NOT mean that I don't appreciate or respect the arguements of my opponents when they are based on valid arguements and verifiable facts. The arguements presented in the images are neither of these things, amounting to nothing less than smear and scare tactics, and so I'll openly take shots at crap like that, no matter who it comes from. You show me something that demonizes Republicans and conservative values the way this material does with "Liberals", and it's as in equally bad taste, and hey, I might make posters of that!

3) Finally, as someone who does observe American politics, I want to mention that I do not see particularly strong differences between your two political parties, as I feel they have narrowed your national discussion so finely that it's akin to walking a tight rope. If you'll note the political websites linked on my sidebar (which I will take some time to update in the near future) you'll note that I include Dennis Perrin and Barry Crimins; if you read them, you'll find they are not lovers of the American Democractic Party. On the other hand, yes, I will go after conservatives a tad more frequently than liberals because they've been in power far longer in America (in Canada, the opposite is true), and because some ideas I am strongly opposed to.

4) As an example of the fact that I don't think too highly of Democrats, here's a couple posters based on an image that just sort of annoyed me. I don't like or trust that Obama so easily and readily is trying to wrap himself up in salvation/hero symbolism, because I feel that it's incredibly disingenous for a politician, and speaks to a massive ego, and his desire to say or do anything to win, and it's just a cheap political ploy. Note that I don't say "and I think Obama is above that" because I DON'T. Politicians will do anything to win elections. It's their job. Whether or not you buy into any of the symbolism or narrative structure behind a candidate is your choice, and fine. Vote on the issues, and stick with the facts. We'll all be better off for it.

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