Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Scott Summers, leader of the X-Men.
See the last 20 years of X-Men stories. The last 5 if you are feeling lazy.
Cheating, abandoning, and lying to my loved ones is A-OK!
I'm going to save some time and just put up the bullet points:
  • Abandoned first wife and newborn son to meet up with teenage sweetheart. Never looked back.
  • Gave up son to be raised by strangers 2000 years in the future
  • Cheated on second wife (The teenage sweetheart, Jean Grey) by having a psychic affair with a dubious person (Emma Frost)
  • Hooked up with dubious woman within hours of second wife's death.
  • Lied to friends and allies about the true cause of a major species event (The loss of powers on M-Day).
  • Has consistently ignored biological daughter from alternate timeline (Rachel Summers), and has at best, strained relationship with biological son (Nathan Summers, aka Cable) to the point of recently sending a deathsquad after his own son.
  • Has taken no interest in the actions of his brothers (Havok and Vulcan) despite their actions leading to the death of his father (Corsair).
  • Lying to current lover and denying the existence of a secret X-Men Death Squad.
As you can see, Scott here is a real winner. Now, granted, he has a better justification than most; he has not one, but two dysfunctional fathers. The first is Corsair (Christopher Summers), mentioned above. Now, granted, Corsair initially thought his children were dead and it wasn't his fault that he was kidnapped by space aliens. However, after Christopher Summers finds out about his kids, well, it just seems like he's a massive dick for not at least staying around and catching up and maybe healing the divide of a couple decades just so he can play pirate and have sex with a catgirl. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But then there's Scott's surrogate father: Charles Xavier, whom from the moment they met, basically groomed Scott to be a child soldier for Charles' ideology. So, is it any wonder he's a bit damaged?


Phil Watts, jr. said...

And to think that all this butchering of Cyclop's character came about because someone up top wanted the original five X-Men back together (the original X-FACTOR)...even if they have to screw up that 'DEATH OF PHEONIX' story to do it. Let's jack up storylines and risk ruining characters for the sake of BRINGING IT BACK TO THE WAY IT USED TO BE!

Look at how one editor's thirst for nostalgia has resulted in continuity screw-ups and brickwalls that people are still forced to deal with over 2 decades later! And needless to say, Marvel has learned absolutely NOTHING from it!

Suzene said...

We can also add "kicked a bunch of severely traumatized teenaged students to the curb without so much as giving them Doc Samson's number after the Xavier School's typically shoddy security got 3/4ths of their friends killed" to the list.