Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today I am on a Bandwagon

Thanks to MightyGodking, and now, here we go

1) Reed Richards
2) "The Nearness of You" by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson
3) Looking for all the Easter Eggs in Gene Ha's art in Top 10
4) DC One Million
5) Mary Jane Watson-Parker

6) "I did it thirty-five minutes ago"
7) Silver Age DC Comic covers that showed that, yeah, having superpowers would be really fun
8) Revenant in PS238
9) Those massive team spreads that George Perez does

11) Orbiter
12) Possible futures that aren't hopeless dystopias
13) XKCD
14) The late Great Mike Wieringo
15) Dr. Doom

16) Fantastic Four V1 #352 - the definitive Reed Richards vs. Doom fight
17) Fallout: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard and the Political Science of the Atomic Bomb
18) PS238 in General
19) Captain America
20) Jeff Parker's Marvel Adventures: Avengers and Agents of Atlas

21) Hellboy
22) The Confessor's secret, and his final fight.
23) Jim Steranko
24) The late great Mark Gruenwald
25) Superman

26) Alan Moore's run on Supreme
27) Maus
28) Nazis getting punched in the face
29) Comic adaptations of properties from other media that don't faithfully adhere to everything from the original media (Transformers, G.I.Joe, Alf, Futurama, etc.)
30) That Ben Grimm never, ever, EVER, gives up.

31) Silly comic creations from the 70s being used without irony.
32) "On Olympus, we measure wisdom against Athena; Speed against Hermes; Power against Zeus. But we measured courage against Captain America."
33) Comic writers shoe-horning in something they read and didn't quite understand from an article on science or technology.
34) Dilbert comics
35) This scene right here:

36) Mini-Marvels
37) Adam Warren
38) "Legacy" Superheroes
39) Heroes with confusing family trees and continuities (i.e. the Summers Family).
40) J. Jonah Jameson

41) "Change or Die"
42) An improbable escape from certain death (Hero or Villain)
43) Mark Waid's Empire
44) Grant Morrison
45) Sleeper

46) Spider-Man when he's being funny
47) "the Anatomy Lesson"
48) Green Lantern rings
49) Captain America #350
50) Nextwave

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LurkerWithout said...

Everyone picks Nazi face punching...