Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Typical Week in the Life of: Wolverine

MONDAY: Hangover. Mission with other X-Men. Have extremely tense confrontation with Cyclops while displaying grudging respect. Beer: Coors Light.

TUESDAY: Annoyed. Missions with other X-Related Teams. Beer: Budweiser.

WEDNESDAY: Grumpy. Solo Adventure. Make out with a babe despite being covered in blood. Book flight out east. Bitch to Cyclops about commuting cross-country to meet current team commitments. Beer: Molson Canadian.

THURSDAY: Jetlagged. Team up with other Marvel characters. Tell them to get out of my way. Remind them that I'm the best there is at what I do. Try not to make them look any more pathetic than they already are. Beer: Labatt's Blue.

FRIDAY: Aggravated. Avengers mission. Remind myself to speaking in that short choppy speech pattern that only Bendis characters speak. Try not to laugh so hard at how bad the Initiative is at their jobs. Beer: Moosehead.

SATURDAY: Depressed. Weapon X Flashbacks. Ol' Logan has to just take it easy. Beer: Rickard's Red.
SUNDAY: Relaxed. Make some time for former side-kicks and supporting cast that I for some reason never get in touch with (i.e. Jubilee). Fly back to San Fran. Beer: Sleeman's.

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Phil Watts, Jr. said...

Does Luke Cage look out-of-place in that picture or what? Come to think of it, Luke Cage has looked out-of-place on every Avenger group shot since Bendis started using him as one of his pet characters.