Monday, August 25, 2008

My reaction to November Spider-Man Covers, in brief

Might be taking a short break in order to do a really good job on a big series later in the week. Thanks all.

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Phil Watts, Jr. said...

They surely are going on DESERATION MODE this time...and they should be. They tried a WOLVERINE appearance some weeks back, and an MJ appearance as well---which both flopped!

Now take a look at what they're trying to do in order to get people to jump on board the BrandNewDay-verse:

The return of John Romita, Jr.!

THREE VARIANT COVERS from JRJr, JRSr, and Alex Ross. (The idea of getting Alex Ross to do a BND cover is appropriate...because his hunger for nostalgia is just as damaging to the whole DC Universe as Joey Q's is to Spiderman.)

Appearances from VENOM (who they swore up and down that he'd been WIPED FROM EXISTENCE), PUNISHER, BULLSEYE, and THE GREEN GOBLIN!!

And they'll FINALLY-FINALLY-FINALLY explain all those plotholes behind Venom & the Green Goblin! (and with stories like this, they'll wind up bringing up more questions than they actually answered!)

Yeah, it's obvious that they'll temperarily bring some fans back with this all-out desperation attempt...but after dropping their load here, what else is left for them to do next?